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Other Services

Ezy Mov: Bridging the First and Last Mile Gap for Inclusive Mobility

  • Bridges Accessibility Gap: Reaching users on narrow streets and by lanes unlike traditional buses
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Affordable transportation services for people with limited mobility
  • Seamless Public Transit: Integrates with existing networks (Metro/Bus Depots/Railway stations) for a comprehensive travel solution
  • Enhances Social Inclusion: Fosters a more inclusive community by overcoming mobility barriers

Accessible Golf carts

  • Accessibility: Designed with a bi-fold ramp for easy ingress and egress
  • Flexible configuration: Option to accommodate single or two wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair locking: Tie-down straps for anchoring wheelchairs
  • Power: Choose between Lead Acid or Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Mileage: Up to 50 kms on a single charge
  • Battery Charger: 15 Amp wall socket charger for easy charging
  • Weather protection: Flexible transparent rollable curtains
  • Storage: Space under the seats to store, battery charger, medical kit, tool kit etc…
    Facilitating easy navigation for students and faculty with disabilities.
    Enhancing patient experience and simplifying transportation within healthcare facilities.
    Ensuring equal access to educational opportunities for individuals with mobility limitations.
    Providing efficient and comfortable transportation for passengers requiring mobility assistance.

Accessible Holidays:

Traveling with limited mobility shouldn't limit your ability to create everlasting memories.

At Ezy Mov, we understand the challenges and go the extra mile to make it easy and stress free.

We provide a gamut of services;

  • Accessible vehicles from your arrival to your departure
  • Tie-up with renowned hospitality partners for your accessible accommodation
  • Customise itineraries to explore your dream destination

Drop us a line to know more and explore India!

Don't let limitations hold you back. Contact Ezy Mov today and let's create your dream accessible holiday.
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